MidMichigan township says medical marijuana rule came too late

The ruling came down Wednesday, now the fall out results.

The Michigan court of appeals says people with medical marijuana cards can not sell to each other.

A local township's leaders are praising the ruling while one of the businesses there says it will keep patients from getting what they need.

The Cannabis Research Institute of America in Genesee County's Vienna Township is empty.

The parking lot is barren.

Thursday morning, a sheriff's vehicle parked near the CRI building.

Sheriff officials also met with Vienna Township leaders behind closed doors.

They told NBC25 they're looking into the legality of medical marijuana in the township.

The owner says he's being bullied by state and local leaders.

While he talked to NBC25 on camera Wednesday, he didn't want to talk on camera Thursday, the day after the Michigan appeals court says it's illegal for patients with medical marijuana cards to sell to each other.

The Vienna Township supervisor says the ruling gives the law more clarity.

"I just wish it would have come a few months earlier because it would have saved other cities and townships the trouble that we'd already gone through," says Nancy Belill, Vienna Township Supervisor.

Vienna Township says the Cannabis Research Institute violated the ordinance that it could not be near a residential area.

The company says it moved in prior to the ordinance's approval.

The owner says because of the state and township's actions, he's taking medical marijuana mobile and telling patients to call 810-869-9335 to set up an appointment.

Township officials say they're goal is not to force companies out.

"We'll work with any business regardless of what type of business it is as long as they follow the rules and regulations and ordinances of Vienna Township," says Belill.

Because of what's happened in Vienna Township, several medical marijuana groups are trying to set up shop next door in Thetford Township where there are no ordinances.

The appeals court says medical marijuana is still legal as long as a care giver has no more than five patients.