Millage increase needed to fund fire upgrades, policing in Mt. Morris Twp

Mt. Morris Township officials are relying on public support of a millage increase to prevent police layoffs and to fund much-needed fire upgrades.

At a meeting Wednesday night, Police Chief Scott McKenna and Township Supervisor Larry Green met with the township's volunteer fire fighters.

The fire department currently needs major upgrades.

Township residents will be asked to vote for a millage increase in May.

McKenna says the increase in revenue would also prevent police layoffs.

"We know times are tough everybody is struggling right now which is why it makes it harder to do this but that's why our system is built the way it is for them to make those decisions what kind of service and equipment they want out there," says Police Chief McKenna.

He says the township wants to avoid shutting down one of three fire stations.

Local business owners we spoke with say the tax is worth it if it means safer streets.

Township leaders plan to hold town hall meetings over the next couple months.