Miller Road businesses still open despite power outage

It's a warm hello but a dark and cold storefront for customers at the Men's Wearhouse on Miller Road.

â??Obviously, itâ??s cold but it's been a good time. We've been trying to maintain a high morale in the store,â?? says Curtis Matznick, manager of the store.

Without power, Matznick and his employees are getting by with flashlights. Theyâ??re also breaking out some ancient equipment.

â??Funerals and weddings don't stop when the power stops so business is pretty much business as usual,â?? says Matznick.

His logic rings true for Scott McMahan.

â??Weâ??re getting married tomorrow,â?? says McMahan of Lapeer---but not if his groomsman's rental shoes don't fit.

While they're literally suiting up in the dark, McMahan appreciates the effort.

â??It's a great convenience. There's another store that we went to that's closed but we're really appreciative that they're open,â?? says McMahan.

Shane Doty is also grateful because he really needed a belt.

â??Powerâ??s out but they're still happy to assist me,â?? says Doty. â??Glad for that,â?? he adds.

Matznick and his co-workers say keeping customers happy is what it's all about--even if it means dressing in three layers.