Milton Hall's mother reacts to investigation

Jewel Hall, Milton Hall's mother issued this statement following the county prosecutor's report.

"I am disappointed in the prosecutorâ??s report finding that the actions of the six Saginaw police officers who so brutally shot and killed my son Milton Hall were justified. If there is any benefit to come from Miltonâ??s tragic death, we would hope that it would be to raise awareness of the challenges confronting that the Saginaw Police Department and Saginaw elected officials. The challenges are serious, systemic, wide-ranging and deeply rooted. We will be eternally grateful for the outpouring of support which the family has received from the citizens of Saginaw. We will continue to seek justice for Milton. Thank you, Jewel Hall."

The Saginaw County prosecutor stated that the six police officers who shot and killed Milton Hall on July 1, were not at fault. No criminal charges will be filed.