Minecraft camp brings game into the real world

Children participate in a Minecraft summer camp.

Children are not shying away from engineering and architecture. Well, at least in the virtual world. About 20 students attended a Minecraft summer camp at the Hartley Outdoor Education Center where they were allowed to take their gaming skills from the virtual world to reality.

"I'm hoping that they start getting a love for science and technology and engineering and seeing that their crafting on the Minecraft world can really correlate to building and engineering and science in the real world," said Andrea Loshaw, a Biologist at Hartley Outdoor Education Center.

Minecraft, is an online game known for teaching players engineering and architecture with the use of breaking and placing blocks in a 3-D world. The game also includes activities like exploration, gathering resources and team work.

This week in camp, students were able to apply the camping knowledge of the game to the real world allowing them to build structures and learn survival skills. The students also studied historical structures and designed T-shirts during camp.