Miracle baby finally going home

The name Kaidyn is an appropriate one for Hurley Medical Center TMs latest miracle baby. It means little fighter or warrior. Kaidyn Terrell Lewis of Flint, Michigan, is indeed a fighter. He was born weighing 1 pound, 5 ounces, measuring 12 inches on August 10, 2010, eleven weeks ahead of schedule. Today, Kaidyn tips the scale at three pounds, 14 ounces.

The road to parenthood wasn TMt an easy one for Terry and Alicia Lewis. After five miscarriages, Alicia was thrilled to be expecting her baby. At 29 weeks gestation, her ultrasound revealed intra-uterine growth restriction or IUGR, which meant that her baby wasn TMt growing appropriately. Kaidyn was born by c-section soon after. The amazing part is that Kaidyn was on a ventilator less than 12 hours, and was switched to a breathing machine for just one day! Kaidyn suffered no brain bleeding and no heart conditions"he just needed time to grow. And today, he is thriving, and going home.

Kaidyn is alive and growing because of Hurley TMs Level III NICU, and the outstanding clinical and compassionate care he received. We are so grateful Hurley is here to help the region TMs smallest babies get the care and treatment they need. I know there is no way our Kaidyn would have made this journey without Hurley. We will forever be blessed because of your amazing NICU. Thank you for saving our baby TMs life, says Alicia and Terry Lewis, Kaidyn TMs parents.

*Press release, Hurley Medical Center