Miracle cat escapes barn fire in Lapeer County

The barn that Troubles lived in

Rich Elwart is grateful .

Grateful that his eight-month-old cat, "Troubles" is home.

Last week after a fire completely destroyed the barn where Troubles stays, the family thought he was gone.

They hadn't seen him since before the fire, and they knew he had been inside.

The fire destroyed the inside of the barn, along with a tractor and a pickup truck.

The Elwarts say Troubles returned the next morning.

"I was upset, really upset, but I was a whole lot happier the next day when I seen him," said Rich who raised Troubles from the time he was a little kitten. He says the cat, still only about 8 months old, was still wet from the fire hoses when he returned the next day.

He guesses the cat escaped through one of the holes the firefighters cut in the barn.

The barn in Lapeer county north of Attica was a total loss.