Mitt Romney to stop in Frankenmuth

GOP hopeful Mitt Romney is on a bus tour. He is flying each night, state to state and then his campaign group drives from town to town during the day. Tuesday he will make a stop in Frankenmuth.

Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney is a hometown hero to some and a politician to others Before the November election, he plans to get as many votes as he can. Right now, his eye is on swing states like Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Iowa and Michigan.

Louann Scherzer who supports Romney said, "he's going to the smaller towns and showing us that he wants to be for everybody."

Scherzer said she will voting for Mr. Romney because, "I like that Mitt Romney is for the conservative views."

However, if you ask Jackie Fornadel, she thinks otherwise.

"We're done with I'm going to do this. We need help in this country," Jackie Fornadel responded.

Jackie said, she's tired of politicians bashing each other. She just wants change, even if opposing parties have to work together.

"He's giving us a lot of information on Obama, well we already know about Obama," Jackie said,

"I think Mitt needs to relate more to the more average person. He obviously connects with the upscale and the richer folks, but I just don't think the middle class trusts him or know much about him to really support him," Jeff Fornadel told NBC25.

Jackie's husband Jeff is indifferent as to he is going to vote for at the moment. He said he wants Mitt Romney to be more specific and maybe he could swing votes.

"He talks about that he wants to create jobs, but he needs to come out and say how I'm going to create jobs," Jeff said.

Scherzer said, that is exactly what Mr. Romney has done.

"He's come right out and told what he wants and what's needed in America."

With opposing views, they all agreed on one thing, America needs help.