Mitt Romney visits Kettering University

Mitt Romney speaks to a crowd at Flint's Kettering University

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney stumps at the same place Barack Obama did in 2008, Flint's Kettering University, taking shots at the president.

"He is on track to amass as much public debt as nearly all the previous presidents combines," says Romney.

Romney spoke to a mostly supportive crowd.

Linden's Elizabeth Hohlock says, "He can straighten out the economy. He's an honest man and he's just, he's just the person we should all get behind."

However, some have not made up their minds who they're going to vote for on Tuesday. They came to help their decision.

Flint's Paul Korte says he came "Just to find out more about him. Just to find out his personality, his character, what he has to say."

Clio's Bob Gaffney still does not know who he's going to vote for. "I'm looking for the candidate to go to Washington and do what is right for We the People, not play the political game, not be the favored son of Washington."

Romney has taken heat lately for his stance on the bailout of General Motors and Chrysler.

He tells NBC25 a business should make its own decisions.

"They finally got there, wasted some money getting there, gave the business to the UAW, I would not have done that, but the managed bankruptcy process, that was the way to go. Finally, it got the job done. I'm happy the see the industry come back. I want to make sure it's the Motor City for the country and the world," says Romney.

Romney says he'll bring more jobs to Michigan by developing energy, reducing business regulations, and lowering taxes for businesses.

Romney says his 25-years of private sector experience make him only the candidate who can straighten out the economy.

Romney will be in Traverse City Sunday.