Mobile home fire leaves family of five without a place to go

A birthday party turns tragic at a Buena Vista Township mobile home park.

It happened at the Saginaw Villas Mobile Home Park Sunday night.

The table still stands where a family was celebrating a grandfather's birthday.

Around 10:00 Sunday night, a fire started at the mobile home nearby.

"I saw a flame as I came over here, it was too late," says neighbor Ruben Barrera.

Neighbors say, a man rushed into the home and rescued a baby.

They say, the man was burned and is recovering at a hospital.

"It's a crying shame, and I just hope and pray they they have insurance on the house," says neighbor Al Manchester.

Friends say grandparents lived here with their three granddaughters.

They say the man who rushed inside and the baby were also related.

Witnesses say flames shot out of all the windows.

Fire crews doused the flames getting near this pick-up truck, keeping more damage from happening.

"Everything was just fire, man. I'm glad they got to the truck quicker because it was about to blow up," says Barrera.

The American Red Cross is assisting.

Neighbors say the family has lived there several years and that they're good people.

Those living near say many of the homes are older and that if they catch fire, they burn quickly.

"If those go, it's gone in seconds. It don't take minutes," says Manchester.

The park manager is accepting donations for the family.

You can drop off a donation at the office at 4141 Dixie Highway. You can contact the park manager to make a donation at 989-777-5760.