Mold devastates impatiens

If you were thinking about getting mom some impatiens for Mother's Day, Genesee County's largest nursery says it won't be from them. A spokesman was unavailable to repsond when we called. But Bordine Nursery in Grand Blanc Township says on its Facebook page that it won't be selling impatiens this year because of a downey fungus.

Deni Derderian from Bordine Nursery says "(we) will not be carrying regular or double Impatiens this season due to Impatiens Downey Mildew. We will however be carrying New Guinea Impatiens and many other annuals which are not susepctible to the disease...". Other nuseries are saying the same thing.

According to the New York Times, it's killing one of the home gardeners favorite flowers, all over the country and even in Canada. "We saw it here in 2011 in the fall, and it was really dramatic,â?? said Margery Daughtrey, a plant pathologist at the Cornell University extension center in Riverhead, N.Y. â??Gorgeous plants, flowering two feet tall, and then the flowers start disappearing and leaves drop and stems fall over and then the stems disappear.â??

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