Montrose and Vassar harvest may drop prices, including gas.

The hardest hit crops last year were corn, apples, and cherries.

The combination of drought and hard freeze left fruit trees and fields barren.

This year, farmers are seeing a complete turn around, which means lower cost to them, and lower cost for the consumers.

"It was a little rough when we first started in the spring with the excess moisture", says Mike Polzin a local farmer, "but they have come around quite a bit since then".

Corn stalks are reaching for the sky, almost ready for harvest.

The fields in Montrose are full and once the corn is picked will be sent to Caro to be turned into ethanol.

With a huge amount of corn for ethanol, expect prices to drop a bit for anything from meat, to milk, to even a gallon of gas.

Fruits are also ripe for the picking.

According to Adam Miller, owner of Miller Family Orchard, "Very very good crops this year, all of our crops are good. Cherries, peaches, apples, our blackberries are just loaded".

Both farmers plan to harvest soon and you can expect to see their healthy harvest in local stores within a few weeks.