'Monument Thief' investigation spreads outside Shiawassee County

The Shiawassee County Sheriff's Department has arrested the man accused of stealing several bridge markers, even grave stones. But the healing process is just beginning and the investigation could be spreading.

The pieces of the â??Monument Thiefâ?? investigation are together.

"The suspect right now is in custody," says Detective Sergeant Robert Herrick.

49-year-old Tobe Lee Holifield is behind bars. His arrest concludes a year long investigation across Shiawassee County.

"We have two families in Newberg Cemetery that lost both the head stones and the veteran plaques. So that is two families a mother and a father, both served our country that lost everything," said Shiawassee Township Supervisor Anthony Karhoff.

The two families hardest hit are among many others forced to rebuild a family members gravesite. Now, police are searching for evidence of the â??Monument Thiefâ?? outside of Shiawassee County.

"We are still reaching out to Genesee County and other surrounding counties that have any similar type incidents that are unsolved," said Detective Sergeant Robert Herrick.

Genesee County Sheriff Robert Pickell tells NBC 25 there are no cases being reported for now. Meanwhile, one county over people affected by the â??Monument Thiefâ?? are starting the healing process.

"Itâ??s going to take time but eventually we'll get these plaques replaced working together raising funds," said Karhoff.

An Owosso sign company says they are going to provide the materials and engraving for Shiawassee Township at cost. For the victims, Township Supervisor Karhoff says a fundraiser will be held so the families can replace their loved ones gravesites.