More help for Consumers Energy customers with severe weather bills


f you're a
Consumers Energy customer struggling to pay your bill, more help is on the way.

For the first time ever C

Energy has formed a Severe Weather Assistance Team. Beginning Monday, February 17th, the team will field calls to help the public manage bills.

Consumers o



icials say
although customers are using 26% more natural gas this winter compared to last year, they are only paying 15% more.

Special storage systems have allowed natural gas prices that Consumers Energy charges customers to be the lowest in a decade.

"We purchase natural gas in the summer when use is low and we bring it in our pipeline into the state of Michigan and put it into our extensive storage system, the fourth largest in the country. The benefits is it protects our customers from the volatility that's present in the natural gas market.," said Garrick Rochow, Vice president of customer operations and quality for Consumers Energy.

For help with your energy bill call 1-800-477-5050

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