More MSP troopers headed to Flint Police Department

America's â??Most Violent Cityâ?? is getting more help.

â??We need all the help we can get and we appreciate it,â?? says Jason Lorenz, public information officer for the city of Flint.

Monday, four state troopers began helping out at the Flint Police Department.

â??The more investigators we have, the better results we will have,â?? says Lt. Shannon Sims of the Michigan State Police-Flint post.

The four troopers are focusing on armed robberies and non-critical shootings.

â??This is one of the cities where crime is trending upward for a while and we take this as a serious thing that needs to be addressed,â?? says Lt. Sims.

The Flint police department is also looking to beef up its ranks.

â??There actually are a few recruits in the most recent police academy that Mott (Community College) is putting on right now and so some of those officers will be coming to flint once they go through the academy,â?? says Lorenz.

Officials say robberies and shootings are down across the city and more police on the streets will keep it that way.

â??It looks to be that way, it looks like it's having a positive effect,â?? says Lorenz.

â??I would say they're down right now and I believe that's from the significant involvement of the detectives from the Flint Police Department and the state police working in cooperation, a team effort,â?? says Sims.

â??Weâ??re all in this together,â?? says Lorenz.

Michigan State Police say four additional troopers are headed to the Flint Post after they graduate from the Police Academy in October.

As for Flint police, seven new officers will hit the streets once they graduate later this year.