More taxes for Flint

A public safety tax is asking for Flint residents to pay for their protection on the November ballot. With water and sewage prices skyrocketing, another tax is hard to swallow for Flint resident Gary Stafford.

The cost of living keeps getting higher and higher I've been on a fixed income for thirteen years. I can't afford to pay for anyone else's wages."

Staffordâ??s view isnâ??t necessarily shared by others in the community.

â??Someone has to be responsible for paying for the officers who will come to the call when there is an emergency and you have to maintain order in the city."

As Flintâ??s homicide mark approaches fifty for the year. Citizens say a public safety tax is needed. But coming up with the money may be difficult.

â??Police protection is needed. I worked for forty one years in the plant. Then they decided they didn't want the plants here anymore and they did away with all the jobs. Where are the young people going to find these jobs to pay higher cost?â??