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      More than $200,000 heading to Flint neighborhoods

      It??s here. In the Northern parts of Flint where more than two hundred thousand dollars of federal money is going to build towards a brighter future.

      ??These are parts of our city that we know have strong leaders but they are looking for additional support from our city and other partners and this grant will thankfully deliver that,?? said Flint??s Mayor Dayne Walling.

      Local resident Sam Clayton has been working towards a solution in Flints third ward without any funding.

      ??I do all I can, I do something I mean if everybody does something then everything will get done,?? said Flint resident Sam Clayton.

      Equipment and tools could help the area but he says there are other ways to support the struggling community.

      ??I think you ought to give them basketballs and put some nets around these parks that we already got. It doesn??t take that much to maintain asphalt.??

      Some areas have already been cleaned up by residents like Clayton but the grant will rely on larger groups within the community to make a difference.

      "This whole block can be clean. Things don't have to look bad if a few guys get together and want things to look better nobody should have to sit on their front porch and look at blight," said Clayton.