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      More than 500 kids get free backpacks

      <font size="2">New Generation Holiness Center has given out 7,000 over the past 21 years.</font>

      The first day of school is just around the corner and a Flint church is helping parents with the cost of supplies.

      More than 530 backpacks were handed out Aug. 24 at the New Generation Holiness Center.

      ??This is our way of just blessing the kids, connecting with them, contributing to their lives and hopefully helping them to get the kind of foundation that they need spiritually to be prepared to go and be successful this school year.?? said Pastor David Johnson of New Generation Holiness Center.

      The bags were fully stocked with school supplies. The church also gave away clothing, shoes and a local barber was there giving haircuts.

      The annual event brings in children from all over the city.

      The church has given out an estimated 7,000 backpacks in 21 years.