More than just lights

Charles Neurohr lives on the outskirts of Clio. Each year his decorations can be seen driving down Gera Road. He says he does it in remembrance of his daughter.

â??She always enjoyed the lights and everything else so Iâ??m going to continue to run as long as I can,â?? said Neurohr.

Before Thanksgiving Neurohr gets his lights down and checks all the bulbs to make sure they all work. Then brings them all out and starts his visual masterpiece.

â??It is something different every year and I keep adding to it and adding to it,â?? said Neurohr.

This year a moving ice skating rink is featured nearest to the road. Neurohr says its battery powered and has mechanical parts from a windshield wiper.

Neurohr looks forward to continuing his holiday tradition for as long as his body will let him.