Morning Talker: Consequences for washing machine babysitter?

Boy being placed in washing machine in screen shot from surveillance video.

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Our morning takler for Thursday comes to us from the Garden State, where new information is coming to light during a mishap at a laundromat.

We saw video earlier this week about the child that became trapped in a washing machine.

WPVI in Philadelphia now reports that the child was with a babysitter when it became trapped and not the parents.

The boy, 1-year-old Saimeir Bush, appeared happy and healthy Wednesday afternoon, but his mother, Sakia David, is not. Samier was with his babysitter, who the family wouldn't name, and a male friend, who David says she does not know, at the Federal Laundromat in Camden a couple of weeks ago.

The laundromat's owner Laurie Chhour's son posted the May 11th surveillance video on YouTube last week and titled it "Epic Parenting Fail at a Laundromat."

We are asking our facebook fans this morning if there should be any consequences for the babysitter and her male friend? Chime in now!