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      Morning Talker: Felon chaperones

      Picture of Chad Hunkins and his family courtesy of tuscolatimes.com.

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      Wednesday's morning talker has a local feel to it.

      Chad Hunkins, a 37-year-old man from Vassar wanted to accompany his son's first grade trip to the Thumb Octagon Agricultural Museum in Gagetown. The only problem, he was convicted for a 1993 breaking and entering.

      The Vassar Public School handbook doesn't have specific guidelines about this topic, but Superintendent Tom Palmer told tuscolatoday.com that felony charges are among the factors taken into consideration when looking at chaperone applications.

      MLive reported that Hunkins won an appeal on Monday night by the Vassar Public School Board of Appeals that reversed the decision which forced Hunkins to miss his son's trip.

      The question we are asking facebook fans this morning is whether or not you would feel safe if your child's field trip was being chaperoned by someone with a criminal background.