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      Morning Talker: Gun control in America?

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      National law enforcement organizations are calling for stronger gun control laws in the wake of the Colorado theater shooting.

      A news conference was held last week in Washington D.C. by the National Law Enforcement Partnership, which is a multi-police alliance working to build support to expand background checks for those individuals purchasing firearms and to ban high-capacity ammunition magazines.

      The group says background checks for all firearm purchasers is overwhelmingly supported by the public with 81% of gun owners supporting the measure.

      "How can we possibly allow nearly half of the firearms transactions in this country to occur without any questions being asked," said Baltimore County Chief of Police James Johnson. "We're allowing criminals and other dangerous people to buy guns on the honor system."

      In addition, it is expected that gun control will be pushed to the forefront of all debates in this November's presidential election.

      We're asking facebook fans this morning if you believe there should be reform to the current gun control laws in America? If so what should they be?

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