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      Morning Talker: Jerry Sandusky still to receive monthly pension

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      The controversy surrounding Jerry Sandusky has continued long after his child abuse conviction.

      Reports came out last week in the Daily Collegian that Sandusky's retirement package has been revoked but he will still receive his monthly pension.

      The former Penn State coach has also been allowed to keep a retirement payout that he received days after hung up his whistle in 1999.

      According to the Free Report, an agreement was made back in 1999 to pay Sandusky the lump sum of $168,000. He received a net amount of just over $111,000 after taxes and various deductions. Penn State spokesperson David LaTorre said that money cannot be revoked.

      In addition, Sandusky will still be collecting nearly $5,000 a month through his pension from taxpayers despite being behind bars.

      Sandusky retired on June 30, 1991, according to Freeh??s report.

      ??A senior official in the University Controller??s office advised the Special Investigative Counsel that in his many years at the University, he had never heard of a payment being made to a retiring employee like the one made to Sandusky,?? according to the report.

      The retirement agreement also gave Sandusky ??emeritus?? rank, a rank that awarded Sandusky numerous privileges that were not given to university employees with equivalent titles to Sandusky, according to the report.

      According to the report, this type of status was only given to ??those who leave and hold the title of professor, associate professor, librarian, associate librarian, senior scientist, or senior research associate, or to personnel classified as executive, associate dean, or director of an academic unit in recognition of their meritorious service to the University?? ?? none of which Sandusky qualified for.

      After retiring, Penn State made 71 separate payments to Sandusky for various activities, such as travel, meals and speaking engagements, between 2000 and 2008.

      Lawyers say they are searching for ways to get the monthly pension revoked, but they don't feel confident they can cut through the legal red tape to do so.

      We are asking facebook fans this morning if there should be some type of action taken against this monthly pension. How do you feel about taxpayer dollars going to Sandusky every month?

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