Morning Talker: Michigan issues medicial marijuana cards to 44 children

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Our morning talker for Tuesday comes to us from right inside the state of Michigan, where 44 children, including three under the age of 10 have been issued medical marijuana cards.

This is stirring up some controversy.

In 2009, Michigan voters approved medical marijuana and since then, more than 131,000 people have received the cards.

Of the 44 minors with cards, the ages range from 17 years old all the way down to 7 years old.

Medical marijuana remains illegal at the federal level and most of the 17 states that allow medical use don't restrict it to adults.

Only states like Delaware and Conneticut have "adult only rules."

The medical conditions of the children have not been released and its unknown how they "take the drug."

We posted a question on our facebook page, asking viewers is these ages are too young to be perscribed with medical marijuana? Chime in now!!