Morning Talker: ObamaCare hits home in Michigan

How do you feel about the congress upholding the Obama healthcare law?

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It's been almost 24 hours since the dust settled on Capitol Hill as President Obama's healthcare law was upheld by Congress on Thursday.

Now health officials and residents across the state of Michigan are starting to digest the law and what it means for this state.

"We All know that children who are sick cant learn, people who are sick are far less productive than well people,â?? said Marjorie Mitchell who works for Michigan Universal Health Care Access Network.

That is why the Michigan Consumers for Healthcare is applauding the Supreme Courtâ??s decision to uphold the Federal Health Care Law which will require all Americans to have healthcare by 2014.

"Relief that's the first thing that I felt when I heard the decision,â?? said Mitchell.

The mission of the group has always been to attain affordable healthcare for everyone in Michigan. On Thursday they broke down the decision.

Approximately 23,000 Michigan seniors will save $757.00. Rebates will be sent to 114,000 people. 94,000 young adults can stay on their parents insurance, and money will be given to to Michigan facilities that provide care to people in need.

But Thursdayâ??s decision is not being accepted by everyone.

"The republicans have said they're clearly opposed to this and if they're elected they will repeal it,â?? said Political Analyst Paul Rozycki.

On Thursday, in a five to four decision, the court found that the individual mandate requiring that most americans have health insurance was constitutional.

However they did so on the grounds that the mandate was a tax and therefore fell within congress' power to levy taxes.

Pesident Obama praised the decision, calling it a victory for everyone that would keep the country moving forward.

Meanwhile Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney said the law was still bad policy and reiterated his vow to repeal it.

Do you feel that Obama's health care law is a good thing for Michigan. How about the country? Chime in now!