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      Morning Talker: Sexist parking spaces

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      In Gallus Strobel??s 10 years as mayor of Triberg, a small town in Germany??s Black Forest region, his bid to create two male and 12 female parking spots in the town??s new public lot is one of his greatest feats, he said.

      The mayor of the little-known town in Germany known for its cuckoo clocks wanted to get the town more publicity to increase tourist dollars.

      However he might have taken it too far. Some folks think Strobel has gone well, cuckoo.

      Strobel had the town's parking deck marked with male and female parking spaces, with female spaces wider and more accessible. Strobel says he wants to challenge political correctness and he thinks men are better drivers.

      He denied to a German newspaper that it's sexist and said most townspeople think it's a great way to increase tourist revenue.

      Keep in mind the town's known for its cuckoo clocks.

      We're asking facebook fans today is this should be allowed? If so do you think it will ever catch on here in the US?

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