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      Morning Talker: Track your teen's driving habits with GPS

      You can track your teenager's driving habits with AAA OnBoard.

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      Teens have a mind of their own these days, especially when they are out on the open road.

      But imagine if parents were able to know everywhere their teenae drivers go? When they leave, when they got there, and even if they were driving too fast along the way.

      That technology now exists. AAA calls it OnBoard and its designed specifically for teenage drivers.

      "It's not about trusting your teens, it's more about in-experience," said AAA Public Affairs official Doug Shupe. "Young people don't have the same amount of experience as you and I do behind the wheel."

      In order to install OnBoard, the car has to be a 1996 model or newer and have a diagnostic port to plug into. Every false move the teen makes behind the wheel is logged and sent in real-time to the parents via computer and smart phone software.

      It's free to Triple A members who are insured and have a teen on their auto insurance policy.

      Not surprisingly, teeens and parents a like are sounding off on this new technology and so are we here on NBC25 Today.

      We are asking facebook fans this morning if they feel this new technology is too invasive. As a parent would you be interested in installing it on your teen's car?

      As a teen driver do you feel comfortable with being monitored everywhere you go? Is this technology taking it too far?

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