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      Morning Talker: Underaged facebook users

      What are some of the dangers of underaged facebook use?

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      It's a growing controvery among young facebook users across the nation. Kids under the age of 13 lying about their age in order to gain access to facebook and other social media sites.

      These sites require users to be 13 or older, to avoid federal regulations that apply to sites with younger members. But to children, that rule is a minor obstacle that stands between them and what everybody else is doing.

      However recently, kids are providing fake birthdays in order to set up a profile. In addition, the parents of the kids are allowing it.

      We are learning now that facebook is trying to change the way it evaluates identifying users who sign up for the website based on age. But according to a Huffington Post editorial article, the easiest way to stop underaged users from signing up for facebook starts with the parents.

      According to Barbara Greenberg, parents should use the common cliche and "just say no" to their kids when it comes to underaged facebook usage. She cites reasoning such as cyber-bullying, obsessional behavior, exposure to sexuality and substance use as things that be a result of underaged facebook use.

      We are asking our facebook fans this morning if you think children under the age of 13 should be allowed to use facebook? What are some of the dangers with underaged facebok use?

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