Morning Talker: Unprecedented sanctions for Penn State football

Workers remove the plaques that surrounded the Joe Paterno statue in front of Beaver Stadium.

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On Monday morning, the NCAA will hold a press conference to announce their sanctions against Penn State University in the wake of a scathing report that found top university officials buried child abuse allegations against now convicted Jerry Sandusky.

The NCAA says it'll levy "corrective and punitive" measures" against the University. While the "death penalty" is not expected, which would result in a cancelling of the football season, the sanctions are still expected to be severe and close to unprecedented by NCAA standards.

Southern Methodist University suffered the "death penalty" to their football program in 1987 after a mammoth recruiting scandal surfaced that included boosters paying recruits to come play for SMU. The Mustangs would not resume football until the 1989 season.

Reports began to surface on Sunday just waht those measures were, and they are expected to be among the most severe football sanctions ever taken against a football program since the inception of the NCAA. Those sanctions are expected to include bowl bans, recruiting limits, and a reducing of football scholarships.

If this were a traditional infractions case, the athletic department would know up to 24 hours in advance.

Also on Sunday, a statue of Joe Paterno was removed from outside of Beaver Stadium. That statue stood since November of 2001.

These sanctions will cripple the Penn State football program for years to come and turn them into a second-rate program as donations, scholarships and televsion money will all be reduced drastically.

All of the parties involved in this cover-up including head coach Joe Paterno, school president Graham Spanier, and Athletic Director Tim Curley, have all been removed from their positions within the university.

We want our facebook fans to chime in this morning about this. Do you feel that it is fair that the current crop of Penn State football players and staff members, including new head coach Bill O' Brien, be punished for the actions of their predecessors?

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