Mosquito population thriving in Genesee County

Genesee County residents fishing at a local park and trying to stay away from mosquitoes.

It is not just Genesee County residents who are noticing an increase in mosquitoes. Pest control companies are seeing a jump in the local population as well.

â??It has been a wet spring. A little more than normal and that's what caused it basically,â?? said Richard Neal, owner of Some Comfort Pest Control.

Companies who treat homes and businesses for mosquitoes have been working extra hours to keep up with demand. They say the numbers are up considerably from last year.

Experts say mowing your law can help keep mosquitoes away since it allows the ground to dry out properly. You should also get rid of old tires or any standing water around the house.

If that does not eliminate the mosquito problem for you, companies will spray around your home with pesticides and treat standing water with larviside.