Most dangerous cities for women: Flint, Saginaw

Michelle Mersey and Martial Arts Connection

Afer being singled-out as among the most dangerous cities in America by Forbes Magazine, women in Flint and Saginaw are taking action.

The survey, taken in March, shows Saginaw is the most dangerous city in the USA for women. Flint is 6th on the list. So now a local website for women and a martial arts company have joined forces to give advice and information to keep women safe. and The Martial Arts Connection in both Saginaw and Bay City are sponsoring a class on Saturday at 9 o'clock. The class is at the Martial Arts Connection at 705 Euclid Avenue in Bay City.

The class will give women some of the tools to deal with our chaotic lives and the challenges that may come up. This same class is offered from time-to-time in the region, and has been attended by Great Lakes Bay Moms author and parenting coach Michelle Mersy.

â??I didnâ??t know exactly what to expect, but I wanted to learn how to be prepared. The class was very informative and actually a lot of fun! We learned easy-to-remember moves that now help me feel like I can protect myself. Iâ??m so glad we are able to offer this to our moms in the area.â?? The course that is being offered is taught by Martial Arts Connectionâ??s Head Instructor Joe Stricker. Mr. Stricker is a former Marine and has studied martial arts for over 30 years.

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