Most of March was a lion!

March 2014 ran just over 8° below average in Flint. It was the second coldest March since records began in 1921.

Although we ended March on a lamb-like note with a high of 61° in Flint and 62° in Saginaw, most of the month was a lion in terms of temperature!

In fact, we had our second coldest March on record in Flint and our fifth coldest in Saginaw (see images 1 and 2).

The average temperatures last month of 26.0° in Flint and 25.4° in Saginaw are closer to what you would expect in a typical March way up in the Upper Peninsula.

A typical March in Copper Harbor averages 26.5°.

Although we started April with a high of 60° in Flint, colder weather is expected over the next 6 days.

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