Mother-Daughter duo loses nearly 50 pounds, beats obesity

Two months ago both were overweight and close to obesity

A mother-daughter duo loses nearly 50 pounds in order to battle obesity.

The two say it took a lot of discipline, organization of their busy schedules, and most of all support from each other.

Two months ago, 15-year-old Jennifer LaGrow was on the brink of obesity, weighing close to 180 pounds, she was eating fast food nearly everyday and felt unattractive.

There are so many girls my age that judge, if you don't look like they look, if you don't act like they act, you're not cool, said Jennifer LaGrow from Prescott.

Jennifer didn't let peer pressure overwhelm her, she signed up for Medical Weight Loss Clinic's Pro-Teen Plan and started taking control of her health.

I don't want to be unhealthy and I want to be comfortable with myself. I want to go on spring break and look good in my bathing suit, said LaGrow.

Her medical counselors told her to do that she needed a lifestyle change.

Statistically we are finding that our children will not out live us, because of the heart disease, the high blood pressure, and the diabetes, said Alberta Lipinski, the Nursing Supervisor of Medical Weight Loss Clinic.

For eight weeks the mother-daughter duo ate smaller portions and picked healthier foods.

Your starches with your proteins, your veggies and fruits, making sure we are getting them all in, and lots and lots of water, no pop, said Melissa Stanek, Medical Assistant for Medical Weight Loss Clinic.

The hard work paid off. Together the LaGrow's lost nearly 50 pounds. That's as much as these water bottles. They say they couldn't have done it without each other's support.

When she steps up on the scale, and you see her get off, and she's like, yes! Every minute that I could have been doing something else, made it worth it right there, said Kathy LaGrow, Jennifer TMs mother.

Jennifer says since the weight loss her favorite thing to do now, is what else? Go shopping.

I can try on a pair of pants and say, yeah I look good, said LaGrow.

Jennifer, who once wore a size 13, now fits into an eight.

And it TMs knowing she'll live longer that gives her confidence most of all.

Jennifer, who lost 16 pounds, won a $500 makeover from Medical Weight Loss.

She was the finalist for the Saginaw area.

Studies show childhood obesity has more than tripled in the last 30 years.

What do you think is causing childhood obesity to increase?