Mother of Michael Elliot's victim reacts to his prison escape

A newspaper clipping detailing the murder and fire from 1993.

As police search for Michael David Elliot those who remember the quadruple murder from 1993 are on edge.

They say he showed no remorse after the killings 20 years ago and they want him back behind bars.

Dorothy Tufnell says she's reminded of the quadruple murder everyday. Her son Michael and her nephew Bruce were killed in a home on Pinconning Road in Bentley Township 20 years ago. Tufnell is hoping police find the convicted killer.

â??He had a life sentence, he should be serving it out,â?? says Tufnell. She says her son, her nephew and their girlfriends killed over drug money back in 1993. Elliot burned the home down after killing the two couples.

â??It certainly was a tragic case. Four people killed and killed in their own home,â?? says Thomas Evans. Judge Evans prosecuted Elliot for the four murders in 1994.

â??Emotions were certainly high because there were some distraught and understandably devastated family members,â?? says Evans who now serves as a circuit court judge for Gladwin and Clare counties.

Those family members say Elliot showed no remorse for his crimes.

Evans and Tufnell now hoping Elliot is found and puts no one else in harms way

â??Be careful of him because you know he's been in prison since he was 21-years old and I wouldn't think he's gotten any better over time,â?? says Tufnell.

â??I certainly hope nobody gets injured or killed and for that matter, including Mr. Elliot,â?? says Evans.

If you have any information on the whereabouts of Elliot, give Michigan State Police a call at 616-527-5616.