MotoCops Training

They have been part of law enforcement since the early nineteen hundreds. Members of these units simply call themselves "Motors," helmented police offiers, on two wheels, that dot area roadways.

Becoming a "Motor" is not an easy task. Candidates undergo a tough screening process and, if successful, then take part in training that is both physically and mentally demanding. "You know, I guess a personality characteristic has to be that drive, that heart and soul to be on that motorcycle, number one" says State Police Precision Driving Instructor Sgt. Ron Gromak.

Even experienced cyclists are surprised at demands of being a member of a police unit. "I've never ridden my personal bike like we're putting these bikes through the paces right now," said MSP Trooper Matt Waters during his second day of training at the MSP Precision Driving facility near Lansing. "We're taking evening that you do in a normal ride and we're putting police work on it."