Mott Foundation grants $15.5 million

For nearly one hundred years the C.S Mott Foundation in Flint has supported communities through giving.

"It is clear through our annual grant making that the foundation is committed to our home town. The Mott Foundation has committed more than seven hundred fifty million dollars in the Flint area in the past eighty four years."

Twenty four million of that being granted last year alone. The grant for Kettering will be used for many community and university purposes. Including a program that encourages high school students to study at the university level.

"Get that kind of hands on excitement and engagement in an engineering and science career. That get them inside to the possibilities of attending a university like kettering and taking those skills back to the community."

The grant will also encourage entrepreneurs to create new products and businesses, while improving properties close to campus.

"The Kettering university experience it truly world class and thats great for the city of Flint and the community as well. Its encouraging to see that so many investors and partners are seeing this area as a place of opportunity again."