Mott Park decorated with art attracts visitors

Vendors display their hand-made crafts at Art in Mott Park.

Mott Park in Flint comes alive with art to keep the city's biggest park running smoothly.

It's part of "Art in Mott Park."

Vendors from across Michigan showed off their different forms of art Saturday while making a contribution to the park.

All the items on display were hand-made or benefiting local organizations like 'Paws Pet Adoption.'

The Mott Park Neighborhood and McLaren Regional Medical Center hosted the event to promote the good things and people surrounding the park.

They want to encourage visitors to consider the area as a destination.

"We, like everyone else have our foreclosures and vacancies and we want people to see this is a wonderful awesome neighborhood and a great place to live. So we want people to move here we want people to come here," said Chris Monk of the Mott Park Neighborhood Association.