Mount Morris man challenges Genesee Valley mallâ??s â??no weaponsâ?? policy

A Mount Morris man is challenging the "no weapons" policy at the Genesee Valley Center mall. He says the policy infringes upon his right to protect himself while mall officials say they're just trying to protect shoppers.

No question about it, Jered Townsend likes his guns.

â??I have 9mm, a 45, a 32, a 22, I have an AR-15, several shotguns,â?? says Townsend.

Heâ??s made headlines before, questioning Vice President Joe Biden about gun control in the 2007 vice presidential debate.

â??Myself and other Americans want to know if our babies are safe,â?? said Townsend in 2007 while holding his gun.

Then Senator Joe Biden responded â??If thatâ??s his baby, he needs help.

Now, Townsend is taking aim at the Genesee Valley mall's no weapons policy.

"For those of us that are legal, go head and take that away and allow us to either conceal carry or open carry in the mall,â?? says Townsend.

Not in here, say mall officials.

Declining an on-camera comment, mall officials released a statement, saying in part--"Genesee Valley Center is private property. Our policies are clearly posted at mall entrances and on our website."

Shoppers NBC25 caught up with are split over the policy.

â??If people feel that they need to carry a concealed weapon at the mall then they shouldn't shop there,â?? says Shelli Candy of Swartz Creek

â??Bunch of kooks running around and you never know if someone can help save someone else's life,â?? says Beth Sheveritt of Davison.

â??Why wouldn't you let us carry in the most dangerous city,â?? adds Townsend.

Flint Township police tell NBC25 News that mall officials set their own policies. However, township police are called to the mall if someone is spotted open-carrying. That person is then escorted off the mall.

Townsend says heâ??ll keep concealed-carrying.