MSP stepping up patrols after teenager brings gun to playground

This playground is not for child's play.

â??Itâ??s crazy, little kids can't even play at the park without nobody getting shot,â?? says LaJuan Kelly.

Kellyâ??s little brother, Darius Townsend, was gunned down at the same playground a month ago.

â??It's been horrible just thinking about him,â?? says Kelly.

On Monday, a teenager was arrested at the same apartment complex for bringing a gun to the jungle gym. The playground is just feet away from a now-shuttered Flint Police substation.

â??Regardless of that station being shut down or not, we're here to work together with the Flint police department wherever they need any more assistance, any help,â?? says Lt. Brian Cole of Michigan State Police.

LaJuan and his neighbors are skeptical but hope more police leads to less violence.

â??Itâ??ll slow the violence down and sooner or later it's going to stop the violence,â?? says Kelly.

â??Citizens donâ??t want reactive,â?? says Cole. â??They don't want the officers showing up after it's over,â?? he adds.

Prevention is key because all Kelly has now of his brother is memories.

â??Iâ??ve been thinking about all the good times we had and such and such but I don't know, it's just been crazy,â?? says Kelly.