MSP to do roadside drug testing in five counties under new law

MSP to do roadside drug testing in five counties under new law

A quick swab from the inside of your mouth could help Michigan State Police determine whether you're driving under the influence of illegal drugs.

Special First Lieutenant David Kaiser, PIO for Michigan State Police says, "It's using science and technology that is available to us and it should streamline the process."

Its part of a pilot program MSP plans to roll out later this year.

Trained officers will give the saliva based roadside drug test in addition to a 12-step evaluation.

Kaiser says, "The test drug recognition experts do are everything from taking a blood pressure, looking at your respiration, looking at your pupil sizes to see whether they're pin-pointed or dilated."

Five counties will test out the program and they're expected to be finalized this summer.

"Counties will be picked based on the number of traffic crashes in these counties, the number of people arrested for drinking or driving under the influence of drugs and also the number of drug recognition experts in each one of these counties," said Kaiser.

Some people think it's great.

Tyson Updike says, "It might save lives you know you might have someone on heroin smack into a car and kill a four-year-old so better safe than sorry."

Others don't like the idea at all.

"It sounds like it's invading your privacy and rights like it sounds like you don't have any rights anymore people can just come up and saliva test you. That does not seem cool," said Emmanuel Aubrey.

Governor Rick Snyder signed the bill into law in June.

The Barbara J. and Thomas J. law is named after a couple who was killed in 2013 by a man convicted of driving a tractor-trailer under the influence of drugs.

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