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      MSP uses drunk drivers' own words in new crackdown campaign

      Michigan State Police kicked off a campaign Thursday aimed at curbing drunken driving. Nearly 160 law enforcement agencies will step up drunken driving patrols through Sept. 3.

      Take it from people who've done it dozens of times. Drinking and driving and getting away with it can quickly become a thoughtless habit.

      Social drinking then going around the corner just to get something to eat used to be Jolynn Dirk??s routine. It wasn't until her third OUI and almost killing someone that something clicked for Dirk.

      "That right there changed my life,?? she said.

      Michigan's new campaign uses people like Jolynn, who've gotten behind the wheel drunk, to give other drivers a reality check. State police used focus groups to learn why people drive drunk, risking jail time, fines and getting their licenses revoked.

      "Everyone thinks they're a professional until they get on the road and kill somebody,?? Brian Michalik of Flint said.

      "I think it's good that they're really letting people know how serious this situation is,?? Scott Harper said.

      The Drive Sober or Get Pulled over Crackdown will use TV, radio and web ads, and in Flint, billboards on the highway. Even past offenders think the robust campaigning will make the message tough to ignore.

      "Just like click it or ticket, you see that, you put your seatbelt on,?? Dirk said.

      ??I??m gonna tell people about the billboards,?? Michalik said.

      NBC25 asked Dirk, who was heading to court on Thursday, if she's learned her lesson.

      "Oh yes, oh yes, I definitely did. And it changed my life, ruined it, but changed it for the good."

      And she hopes she's not the only one smart enough to know drinking and driving is just not worth it.

      ??I really hope that it will help people and make them think."

      MSP troopers in Genesee and Saginaw counties will also be looking for drivers not wearing their seatbelts. Those counties and 8 others have the state's highest crash and death rates for unbuckled drivers.

      The Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over TV ad can be viewed at www.youtube.com/ohsp. For a list of planned enforcement times, dates and locations, go to www.michigan.gov/ohsp.