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      Mt. Morris is testing ground for all day kindergarten, coming to a school near you in September

      Kindergarten at Pinehurst Elementary

      Starting in September Michigan public schools, already strapped for cash after an approximately $470 per pupil funding cut this school year, will be facing another dilemma. Spend the money to add all day kindergarten, or face further funding cuts at the hands of the state of Michigan.

      Mt. Morris schools made the change a year early and despite challenges, teachers and administrators say the program is successful. Pinehurst elementary teacher Pete Cross says it helps students develop a "deeper understanding" of the subject matter.

      "It was difficult in the past to try and fit all the compounds of reading, writing and a half day and address science and social studies," says Cross.

      Cross also says that there are some drawbacks, such as sleepy kids, but they allow the kids to nap if needed and parents have been very cooperative.

      Mt. Morris school officials we spoke with say so far the district has been successful in diverting the funding losses to other places like administrative and other areas that don't affect the kids.