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      Mt. Pleasant schools closed for possible flu outbreak

      Classes at Mt. Pleasant schools will resume Tuesday after schools and buses are sanitized following a possible flu outbreak.

      Mt. Pleasant Public Schools closed all schools Thursday and Friday after a possible flu outbreak.

      Superintendent Michael Pung told NBC25 that school officials starting getting concerned on Tuesday when more than 40 students called in sick and reported similar symptoms.

      Pung said by late Wednesday afternoon another 200 students and seven staff members were affected with what is believed to be the Norovirus. Symptoms include stomach cramps, diarreah and vomiting.

      "We don't it confirmed it yet but we think that it shows symptoms of a virus with a 1/2 day incubation period and it can last one to three days," said Pung.

      Pung said he has been consulting with Central Michigan District Health Department and was advised to close the all of the district's schools Thursday and Friday. The district will also be closed Monday for an in-service day.

      "This will give us a good enough time to wash down and sanitize all the schools, buses and equipment so we can eradicate this outbreak," said Pung.

      "All my kids have gotten it. Eveyone in my house has had it. It seems to last 24 hours and then it goes away," said Diana Jones, who has children that attend Ganiard Elementary School.

      "I think it's smart to close all the schools when that many kids get sick. It's like an epidemic," said Nicole Bouchard, whose daughter Mckenzie came down with symptoms on Tuesday.

      "We're giving her lots of fluids and making her rest and she seems to be better now," said Bouchard.

      All sporting events and after school programs have also been canceled until Tuesday.