Multiple Police agencies investigate a string of robberies in Genesee County

Police and residents along Bristol Road say they have received knocks on their door during the day by a man posing as a salesman or repair man, pulling off the thefts in broad daylight whether someone is home or not.

Police say investigations of multiple break ins several western Genesee towns have led them somewhere around this area on Bristol Road in Clayton Township.

"we have a suspect or suspects, right now we are focusing on a white male 25 to 30 years of age in Clayton Township,â?? said Clayton Township police chief Scott Pavlik.

Chief Scott Pavlik says a man around 5 feet 6 inches approximately 160 pounds is posing as a salesman and targeting houses where no one answers and on a few occasions where people have been home.

"They didn't answer the door suspecting it was a salesman and then they were broken into so they witnessed the suspect entering the home," said Pavlik.

West Bristol road residents say their neighbors are family and in a rural community these crimes are worrisome.

"of course it concerns us, as residents we don't want our homes broken into we have great police protection out here but apparently there is a few getting through the ranks," said Clayton Township resident Larry bush.

Bristol road resident Larry Bush thinks his home between multiple break in attempts was avoided for a reason.

"I have a pretty good back up plan, an 85 pound akita that wouldn't greet anybody when I'm not here," said bush.

For others not so fortunate the Clayton Township police department is calling on the community for help.

"A guy going door to door like that is suspicious if they would just call it would be helpful," said Pavlik.

Chief Pavlik does say a suspect has been identified but is not in custody at the moment.