Mundy Township officials weigh Hill Road expansion project

Mundy Township Administration Building

The Ketzler family has called Mundy Township home for four generations.

â??I remember when Hill Road was just gravel and lined with trees,â?? recalls Tonya Ketzler. She runs the family floral business. Tonya is also the township clerk.

â??We are not making a plan for the next five years but for the next 50,â?? says Ketzler.

The Hill Road Corridor Improvement plan calls for new businesses and a convention center.

â??Mundy Township has good location for somebody that's wanting to attract business to their area. Be it a convention or sports venue or retail,â?? says David Guigear, supervisor of Mundy Township.

The plan creates a special taxing district along Hill Road.

Officials say they could collect $59 million dollars per year in tax revenue by 2033.

â??My goal is to make Mundy Township inviting to visit,â?? says Guigear. â??Make it a destination location as opposed to a pass through location,â?? he adds.

Township officials say 16,000 cars travel Hill Road everyday. Business owners say, if you build up, the cars will slow down and the money will start flowing.

â??At one time, there was 28,000 cars a day go by here,â?? says Andrew Yuroff who owns Thompson Creek Turkey Farms. â??I don't think it's that now but with more businesses, it's going to create more business for us,â?? adds Yuroff.

â??The more cars we get, of course the more chance I have to pluck a couple of them off the streets,â?? says Ketzler.

The plan is now open for public comment. The township board meets Monday night at 7 p.m.