Mundy Twp. fire displaces family

"A lot of memories are going up in smoke,â?? says family member Mary Winston.

Winston and her brother standing watching firefighters try to save their home. The family says the fire started in the garage. Winston's brother ran into the home telling his two sonâ??s to get out. Winston says luckily her mother wasn't home.

"She had chemo today and my niece took her to my sisters house to stay warm,â?? said Winston.

Neighbors say the fire quickly spread from the garage into the home before firefighters arrived.

"Looked up and saw the smoke going up this way, black and thick and actually jumped in the vehicle and raced home following the fire truck because my kids were home from school,â?? said neighbor Jeff Lambert.

Water escaping the home froze along the street. Wind gusts around 30 miles per hour multiplied the fires ferocity.

"A horrible day for something like this to happen especially for firefighters,â?? said Lambert.

"With extremely cold temperature it's awfully hard on firefighters," said Mundy Township Fire Chief Edward Blight.

Winston's brother made his living working on cars in the garage that no longer exists and is concerned for their future.

"Iâ??m glad they all got out alright, I just don't know what they are going to do next," said Winston.

Winston's brother had minor burns to his face and hair, however no serious injuries were reported.