Municipalities debate Sunday morning liquor sales

South End Market in Flint

Some people will soon be able to buy liquor on Sunday mornings, and some will not, and it all depends on where you go to buy it, and where you live.

The new law has been confusing for many folks.

The state passed it to make some extra money.

Now it TMs up to the municipalities to decide whether they'll go along with it.

Whether its beer or the hard stuff.

Sunday morning liquor sales will start 7 a.m. this weekend.

The new law was made official by the governor December 1st, but municipalities were given until December 15 to opt out.

Flint City Council made the unanimous decision Monday.

Our decision was based on trying to help the constituents that are already broke down, tore down in this community, and if you give them another avenue to drown in their sorrows, if they are weak, they are going to take that avenue, said Jacki Poplar, Flint City Council President.

The owner of South End Market in Flint says he already applied for the $160 permit, but now he won't be able to use it.

The sales clerk there says Sunday morning is their busiest time, and liquor is their biggest seller.

If it hurts anything, it will hurt sales, as far as the well being of others, I think it is a terrific idea actually, said Talecia Brown, a sales clerk at South End Market.

But spurring local business is why Davison Township voted to accept Sunday morning liquor sales.

I don't know how fair it would have been for the business owners in Davison Township, that people could drive 200 yards into the city of Davison and purchase alcohol, yet we took that right away from the business owners in Davison Township, said Matthew Karr, a Trustee for Davison Township.

But even if a municipality chooses to allow Sunday morning liquor sales, it TMs ultimately up to the business owners to decide when they want to sell it.

According to the Liquor Control Commission website, Fenton, Flint Township, Linden and Mt. Morris all opted out of Sunday morning liquor sales.

The Liquor Control commission will start issuing permits Thursday.

Liquor sales are now legal up to midnight Christmas Eve and starting noon Christmas Day.