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      Murder trial for accused serial stabber moves to closing arguments

      Abuelazam (right) waits for court to start on Friday.

      The prosecution wrapped up rebuttal testimony Friday afternoon in the murder trial for accused serial stabber Elias Abuelazam.

      Abuelazam is charged with murder in the August 2010 stabbing death of Arnold Minor in Flint.

      Psychologist Dr. Thomas Brewer testified that Abuelazam knowingly stabbed his victims.

      "There's not a sense of empathy for the victim. 'A person died, they didn't die, but I felt better'," Dr. Brewer testified, while paraphrasing what Abuelazam told him during a psychological evaluation.

      "He was thinking about them beforehand, he was planning them, taking some care to protect himself, not the victims certainly," psychologist Dr. Charles Clark testified.

      The prosecution's final rebuttal witness, a psychiatrist, testified that Abuelazam suffers from anti-social personality disorder.

      According to several medical publications, anti-social personality disorder often leads to criminal behavior.

      Closing arguments will take place when court resumes Tuesday morning.