Murder victims' family hopes social media tips lead to killers

Sgt. Reginald Williams of Saginaw Police is using new social media efforts to get tips from the community.

Saginaw police are still searching for two suspects in last month's deadly pre-prom shooting. Police say they're getting a lot of help from the public and the victim's family asks that the tips keep coming.

Tonquinisha McKinley, 17, was gunned down two weeks ago at a Saginaw High School pre-prom gathering. Sheâ??s the cousin of T.J. Steward, 12. He was killed last June in a drive-by shooting.

Now the family hopes, new social media efforts by the Saginaw police will help catch the killers.

One family rocked by a pair of tragedies less than a year apart.

â??This stuff needs to stop, it's getting ridiculous,â?? says Tiffany Owens, the mother of T.J. Steward.

She buried her son last June after he was shot to death at his grandfather's house.

Her sister, Tangela Owens, said goodbye to her daughter Tonquinisha McKinley two weeks ago.

â??The way she wanted to go to prom is the way we buried her,â?? says Owens.

Both mothers are still searching for answers.

â??It makes me feel angry. I'm very angry and very upset,â?? says Owens.

The Owens family hopes new social media efforts by Saginaw police will help get justice for their children

â??The people of Saginaw are becoming fed up with the violence and crime and they want to see something happen for the positive,â?? says Sgt. Reginald Williams, public information officer for Saginaw Police. â??They want to see a change,â?? he adds.

Since releasing the police departments new app Tuesday, multiple tips have come in as police search for Tonquinisha's killers.

â??Weâ??re hoping it changes our case for the positive because people have also been using Facebook and Twitter too,â?? says Williams.

The Owens and Sgt. Williams agree social media won't solve Saginawâ??s crime problem but they believe they're one click closer.

â??People think it's not going to help, it's not going to change from them telling but it is going to help because it will be a lesson learned to these little punks out here to let them know, there is a consequence,â?? says Owens. â??If you pull the trigger behind that gun, there is a consequence,â?? she adds.