Mystery Burton development could create significant number of jobs

Mystery Burton development could create significant number of jobs (Photo: Joel Feick/WEYI/WSMH)

New jobs and a larger tax base may be coming to Burton.

The city has sold land to a Missouri developer for the project at Genesee and Davison Roads.

According to Burton officials, city council approved selling about 140 acres of land to NorthPoint development for $268,000.

Its right across the street from the For-Mar Nature Preserve.

NorthPoint didn't return our phone call.

But according to biz, it has also agreed to "purchase 260 acres of industrial property near Lansing, for a mix of manufacturing, warehouse and distribution facilities, primarily for companies in the automotive sector".

An artists rendering of the plant shows a 1 million square foot building with more than 700 parking spaces.

Since the area is so heavily tied to General Motors, it only makes sense that this project would be somehow be tied to GM

But there's no confirmation on that.

Burton's Mayor Paula Zelenko would only say "Fortune 500 company" is interested.

There's a condo development nearby.

The builder of Cross Creek Condominiums says he "welcomes the jobs".

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